Canada Job Vacancy: Fruit Packer Jobs in Canada


Canada Job Vacancy: Fruit Packer Jobs in Canada $13.85 an hour

Permanent1148918 BC LTD

Pay: $13.85/HourlyJob

Type: Full Time, Permanent

Start Date: without a moment's delay

Language: Other

Least Education: None

Positions Available: 50

NOC Group: Harvesting Laborers (8611)NOC

Occupation Title: Fruit Packer – Agriculture

Occupation Location(s)

13753 Hale Road

Pitt Meadows, British Columbia

V3Y 1Z1, Canada

Expected set of responsibilities

This activity is posted by a work office or outsider in the interest of the business.

Boss Name: 1148918 BC LTD Industry Title: Fruit and Tree Nut Farming (1113)

1148918 BC LTD

Hoping to contract: Fruit Packers

No of opening - 50

Terms of work: Full time/Permanent  Business locale: 13753 Hale Road, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1Z1

Experience: Not Required (On occupation preparing will be given)

Language: Not Required

Instruction: Not Required

Compensation Rate – $13.85

Employment Duties:

Sort natural products, for example, orange and berries as per size, shading, and grade before pressing.

Gauge and Pack the natural products, for example, oranges and berries in a predefined amount according to the plate line for capacity or shipment

Fixing covers on the cases and stamps evaluation, brand and date of pressing on the containers

Clean the belt on customary interims

Move the Berries to the cooler for capacity and when required take them out for transportation

Clean and keep up all pressing beds

Deals with recently stuffed boxes that didn't meet client details; makes pressing alterations as required.

Keep up clean workspace; clear fallen leafy foods from the floor


The initial three months of restorative protection and movement secured by the business (whenever required) Accommodation will be given @$30 every week (whenever required)

Working Condition: Outdoors, wet/sodden/downpour, smells, hot/cold.

Business: 1148918 BC LTD

The most effective method to apply


Via Mail: 13753 Hale Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1Z1

The most effective method to Apply

Terminating: Oct 26, 2019


Via Mail:13753 Hale RoadPitt Meadows, British ColumbiaV3Y 1Z1, Canada