How To Activate Airtel Special Data Bundles With Massive Gigabytes - N200 For 1GB

Airtel Nigeria is finally back again with their own massive data plan bundle which enables you to enjoy as low as 1GB data for just N200 on any devices. This Special Data Plan bundle are designed for those who are intensely looking for how to minimize their expensive spendings on data plans.
Airtel 1gb for n200 activation code
Nowadays, If the truth will be unveiled, It's so difficult for a lot of Airtel subscribers to enjoy the real data of the network, Why? because the network data are expensive and it doesn't last up for 2 weeks even without downloading.

Actually, The new Airtel Special data we are talking about right now based on sim eligibility, Which means it doesn't work on all Airtel sim except if your line is eligible as Special customer.  
Airtel special data offer 4gb for n1000
Special customers are those people that Airtel chooses to benefit from this offer. It can be anyone. There is no actual requirement set for people to join the chosen ones; whether you are new or old user because Airtel system has automatically chosen them. And so, what next?

To know whether you're the special customer, The best option is to try out your luck in activating the offer. It works for me, and of course, you have the hope and it might also work out for you as well. So, let’s go.

How Can I Activate The New Airtel Special Data Plan Bundle

  • You can easily activate the special data bundle offers by dialing *141*241# and a list of data bundles will appear in options as shown below:

1. N100 For 200MB: This plan is cheap and it valid for 3 days. Airtel normal data doesn’t offer up to this validity. You get 200MB with 100 Naira and you also get additional days to consume it all.
2. N200 For 1GB: This plan gives you massive 1GB data at the price of N200 only. It valid for 7 days which is a complete week. It’s cheaper than the bundle you get from the regular data plan of Airtel.
3. N500 For 2GB: This plan offers you 2GB data bundle at the price of N500. It is valid for 14 days. You have all the time to consume it all. After all, that’s what everyone loves.
4. N1,000 For 4GB: This plan valid for a complete month which is 30 days. With just N1,000, you get 4GB data bundle.

How Would I know If MyAirtel Line Is Eligible For This Offer

To know whether your line is eligible? First of all, you"ve to dial *141*241# and choose any package and proceed to buy it without having any credit on your network line. If it says, “You are not eligible“, kindly back off from it because you are not eligible even if you buy airtime.

And secondly, if it says, “You have insufficient balance“, This means your Airtel Line is eligible to activate one of the bundles in the special data bundle, Then Move on to recharge and subscribe for the offer.

Important Notice

  • One thing to note is that you can be eligible for the N200 data bundle and not eligible for the N1,000 data bundle.

How  Do I Check My Data Bundle Balance

You can easily check your data bundle balance by dialing *140# and that’s all.