Breaking News - GBWhatsApp To Shuts Down Very Soon - Reason And Why

A few days ago, I heard GBWhatsApp is going to shut down the app very soon from a site owner, which I taught is another rumor as well, then I quickly ignore it without wasting of time.
It's surely cleared to us that GBWhatsApp is one of the best mod apps which comes with Advance and extra features which the real WhatsApp doesn't have, then how possible it will just shut down like that, I started wondering about this.
Reason Why Gbwhatsapp stopped working
But unfortunately to my surprised yesterday evening, The developer itself wrote some messages on twitter live that, GBWhatsApp is going to shut down, That means there won't be any updates on GBWhatsApp anymore.

Actually, The reason why the Developer of GBWhatsApp @Antfas Hoak has to stop this hasn't be cleared to us because everyone on social media has been confused and they want to know the reason why they determine to do this.

Reason And Why?

Right now GB Website has shut down and of course, the argument now is between the Developer of official WhatsApp (Mark Zuckerberg) and Gbwhatsapp(Anfas_Hoaks).

Maybe 3week ago, you should have heard that Whatsapp is banning GBwhatsApp users from using the app. but after then, The developer of GB WhatsApp @Antfas Hoak also released another update which stopped the ban from happening again. 


Not because GBWhatsApp has shut down doesn't mean you won't be able to use the app again, From what we heard, The developer @Antfas Hoak said there won't be any further updates anymore.