Download Tea Tv App To Watch Free Movies And Tv Shows On Android And Pc

There are lots of Streaming TV apps nowadays which you can use to stream Tv Shows, Movies, Tv Series and a lot more but most of them consume much data which is not good enough.
Meet another amazing streaming app that doesn't consume much data and it's easy to use on all Android devices, The new app is talking about is called Tea TV Streaming app.

Tea TV is a free app which allows you to stream free movies and TV Shows, The Tea TV app is just similar to Show box, Terrarium TV and HDTV.

The Tea TV Apk comes with No Ads and also with some amazing features such as safe mode, internal video player, regular updates, 100% uptime collection Etc.


Regular Updates --- The app update latest Tv shows and movies every day immediately, there's you are connected to the internet.

Users Collection -- It helps you to separate favorite videos you want to watch later.

Internal Video Players -- This app comes with built-in video player, So there's no need to install any video player such as VLC before you can stream movies.

100% Uptime -- It helps you to resume and watch the video anytime and anywhere.

Safe Mode -- This helps to disable any adult content on the app and it can also be enabled in the app settings as well.

No Ads 100%  --- This app is ads-free which mean it doesn't contain ads so that you can stream your movies and Tv Shows Conveniently.


Tea TV Apk is not Available On Play Store due to Copyright, but you can get the direct download link For Android, Mac Os and PC below.

TEA TV For Android - Download Here
TEA TV For Mac Os -- Download Here
For Windows 7,8 32bit -- Download Here
For Windows 7,8 64bit -- Download Here