How To Solve Google Adsense Identity Verification That Failed After 3 Times

Since Google changes its policy, All new Publishers need to verify their identity before they can get payment from Google. Meanwhile, a lot of new publishers using Google Adsense are now finding it difficult to verify their identity because they provide insufficient ID that doesn't match their account.
Ads not showing - How to fixed Google Adsense  identity verification failed
When new Publishers reaches a minimum of $10 you will be asked to verify your Google Adsense identity to be able to receive payment From Google. and of course, if you upload unsupported or fake ID, You will receive below message from Google and Ads will stop showing from your site within 2 min. because you've failed to upload your identity three times.

We can't verify your identity based on the documents provided. You may have reached the maximum number of verification attempts allowed or uploaded inappropriate photos. 
Your data safety and privacy is very important to us. Google stores your information on secure servers and never shares it, except in limited circumstances specified in our
 The most painful part is that no way to contact Google, and a lot of publishers are so worried because they have reached a threshold and expecting to get paid but with this issue, they can't and of course, Ads will also stop displaying on their site as well.

I also face the same issue as well, in fact, I was shocked when I first got a reply from Google that they can't verify my identity and my ads stop showing immediately I got the message. With all research and experience, I later found a solution and everything fixed.

How To Solve and Fixed Google Adsense Identity Failed?

If you login to your Google Adsense account and you saw this same exactly notification saying this below.
Solve Google identity verification failed three times
Your ads unit does not display because you've failed identity verification. to verify your identity and resume ads serving please contact us.

Take manual action today, Kindly message successtechzceo@Gmail To forward your details to Google AdSense admin privately. The verification takes just 48hours.