New Airtel Reversal Data Cheat, How To Activate and Enjoy Unlimited Data For Free

Since Glo removed its special data from the list of data plans, many people are now finding it difficult to enjoy the latest free browsing cheat on their smartphone in 2019, but so far, so good am happy to let you know that another one has been found.
The new cheat found is called Airtel Reversal Data Cheat. This new cheat will help you to reverse the new data plan you purchase and get back your money instantly while the bonus given to you will still be there.

For instance, Let assume you purchase a data plan of N1,000 which gives you 1.5GB + Additional Double Data bonus of 1.5GB, Do you know you can reverse this data plan back and get your Airtime back in the Next 24hrs with this trick. Let see how it works?

What Are The Requirements

  • New Airtel 4G Sim
  • Mobile, Android Or Smartphone
  • Purchase a Data Plan (*141*1#)

How To Reverse Airtel Data And Enjoy its Bonus Free

Step 1. Kindly get a new Airtel 4G Sim card, Register the sim card, Insert the Sim to your smartphone and make sure you recharge instantly.

Step 2. Purchase any Monthly Data plan bundle between the maximum Of N1000 Or More.

Step 3. After Your Data has been successfully purchased, You will be granted free double data bonus of the same data you purchase. And free 4GB data bonus if your device has a 4G network.
Step 4. After getting the free data, Never turn on your data connection, Kindly go to your phone dial pad and dial this code *121*6# immediately. 

Step 5. After you dial the code, In next 24hrs your initial money will be reversed. The main data will be wiped but the Double data bonus will still remain there.

In conclusion

After your airtime has been reversed. You can now make use of any data bonus on the Airtel sim, And of course, you can also follow the same steps to buy the same data with your reversed Airtime.