How To Keeps Getting Free 150MB Data From Gidimo SSP And Make it Unlimited.

Gidimo's built-for-mobile learning platform enables you to develop yourself anytime, anywhere, with courses for students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and vocational workers.
Gidimo is made up of continuously growing mastery programs covering various aspects of learning to bring about a stable and fulfilled livelihood.

Additional to this, The Gidimo also brings new features which make everyone who sign-up on the site to enjoy 50 - 50GB free data on their MTN SIM.

 How Can I Get This Free Data On Gidimo

It's very simple, in fact,  right now, lots of people are already getting their own without stress, so therefore, to get yours kindly follow these steps below now. 

Step 1. First of all,  Click Here to Visit Gidimo Ssp and Sign-up Or You Can Download The Gidimo App Here Only, If you don't have an MTN SIM.

Step 2. If you want to Sign-up make sure you're using MTN Network. 

Step 3. Once Sign-up Completed you will be rewarded with free 150MB on your MTN SIM. 
Step 4. To get more data, you need to refer a friend by signing up with your link. The more you refer the more you get data.  Referral data bonus is 400mb each. 

Step 5. By doing this, You can get up to 50GB on your MTN line without the need to recharge. Just referral only. 


  • When signing up On Gidimo and it shows you that your number could not be verified due to poor network connection according to what is inside the screenshot below. 
  • If you have seen this error message. It means you're not using MTN to sign up the registration.  To fix this error, kindly get an MTN SIM, Turn on your data connection and Re-load the page.