My Android Smartphone Drain Battery - What's The Reason and Solution

When using an Android smartphone and the owner realizes the phone battery drains too much, This really get the owner frustrated, why? because having a strong and healthy battery on the android phone is one of the best things that makes the owner enjoy the smartphone.
how to fix or solve android phone battery draining
Now Adays, There are so many ways that can cause Android smartphone battery to drain so fast due to the owner notice, But according to my own experience, the most 3 things that cause drain battery on Android Smartphone are High Brightness, Unsupported apps, and Connectivity

How Can I Make My Android SmartPhone Battery Last Longer?

1. Don't Overcharge:  Anytime you charge your device and you realize its full charge. kindly remove the charger from the plug. Never browse the internet while your phone is being plugged why? because it will cause overheating and may weaken your battery.

2. Decrease Phone Brightness:  Using High Brightness on Android drains the battery, Using high brightness on the smartphone will surely make the phone to get hot and drain the battery no matter how the battery is strong. To Fix this issue, Ensure you use AutoMatic or lower the brightness.

3. Uninstall Useless Apps:  Without users notice, Having many apps on android also causes drain battery on Android, Because they will start running in the background after exiting, and most especially when users turn on data, they will also keep bring pop-up ads and install other apps automatically.  To Fix this issue. Kindly Uninstall any unwanted apps on your device.

4.  Connectivity: From my own experience, Connectivity also causes drain battery on Android, Most especially some Android smartphone with 7.0 and 8.0 Os. To ensure you fixed this issue, Always ensure You turn off the Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Hotspot immediately after use.

In Conclusion

After following this tutorial and you still realize no changes on the Android phone battery, All you have to do is a factory reset Default or kindly replace the phone battery. If you need help or have or you've anything to say kindly scroll down to drop your comment below.