MTN 0.0k Daily Free browsing Cheat Now Blazing on Tweakware - See How To Set It Up

It Seems MTN Nigeria has restricted the MTN 0.0k free browsing cheat we are rocking on Hammer VPN because right now, it's now working very slow, to the extent that it can't Stream well. But working perfectly on Whatsapp and some social media app.
Since Hammer VPN Cheat is no longer working well again, So what's the way forward. The only way forward right now is to enjoy MTN 0.0k daily free browsing cheat which we have been using earlier on Tweakware which allows you to enjoy 50 to 100mb data every day.

Without much time, Let me quickly show you how you can manage and enjoy 50/100mb daily on MTN for free without the need to recharge and it's so fucking fast and easy to set up. To enjoy This, Here are the below requirements you need.


  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • Strong 3G Or 4G Networkpk
  • MTN 0.0k sim
  • Tweakware Apk 6.4 Or V6.7
  • MTN 0.0k twk Config File For Tweakware

How To Enjoy And Set Up Daily MTN 0.0k Cheat On Tweakware 

Step 1. Download Tweakware  👉 Here and Make sure you install the app on your phone instantly.

Step 2. After installation completed. Kindly download the Config file 👉 Here.
  • After downloading the Config file, now it's time to import the file on Tweakware to enjoy the MTN Free browsing.

How Can I import Tweakware Config File after Downloaded

To import is very easy. If you wanna import any Config file via Tweakware. Make sure the Config file has already been downloaded to your device.

1. To import Config file on Tweakware. Kindly look up and tap on 👉 Settings

2. Now scroll down and tap on 👉 Import Tweak

3. After choosing 👉 import tweak, Now find the Config file you download to your phone and tap on it to import.

4. After importing successful. Now Go back and Select Free sever  and make sure you Tap the 👉 None Button and change it to Import Tweak.