New Ntel Wawu Bonus Reloaded With 500% Bonus On Wawu Data Plans

Ntel has officially introduced another great discount offer for its subscribers a few days ago, The new offer is called wawu reloaded. What's Wawu? Wawu means free data bonus or great discounts on data.
How To Activate Ntel Wawu data plans code
The Intel Wawu Data package enables subscribers to enjoy 500℅ data bonus if subscribers purchase any of the wawu data plans. Aside from the bonus, subscribers will also enjoy calls @8kb/s to any network in Nigeria as long they have an active wawu data plan.

How To Activate Wawu Data Plan On Ntel

Go to: or visit your nearest ntel store.
  • The WAWU plan is open to new and existing customers
  • Make calls @ 8k/s to any network when you have a valid WAWU plan
  • Buy a WAWU plan and get up to 500% data bonus instantly!