How To Get Full Germany Servers On Hammer VPN in 2019

Germany free server on Hammer VPN is really hard and frustrating for some people to get. The most painful part about some people is that they have already tried all their possible best on how to get Germany free server on hammer VPN but they couldn't.
Due to many info, we get from thousands our subscribers visitors we decided to drop out another trick for our subscribers and visitors to enjoy and learn how to easily get Germany free server and also bypass hammer VPN daily limits.

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*How To Get More Servers Including Germany Servers On Hammer VPN*

Step 1. If you wanna get Germany server on your phone.  First of all, Open Hammer VPN app, quickly connect to France Server 6 or 8 to see authenticating.

Step 2. While The Hammer VPN is Authenticating, Quickly Exit the app and make sure it's not running (Force stop it) and turn on Airplane mode.

Step 3. While the Airplane mode is ON, open the Hammer VPN app and select Germany server - You should be able to see it now.

Now select your preferred Germany server and turn off your Airplane mode. Now, turn on your data connection and connect.

Please Take Note

After following this procedure and Germany servers still, refuse to show up on your hammer VPN,  its because your phone ain't support, don't worry, kindly buy or purchase hammer VPN premium account by joining our group below or contact us directly.