Welcome To December 2018 - Motivational Quotes From SuccessTechz Blog

Welcome to December, The beautiful time of the year where every single soul ought to be thankful for the wonderful gift of life. This is so grateful that you have come this far, is not by your own doing but by the special grace of Almighty God.
You see, we started this year with some friends who are not capable to be here again with us. We are not making fun of them but we choose this time to be grateful to God the cover of life who give us everything to achieve in life.

Actually, You may not have achieved everything you wish in this year, but one thing you must always be thankful is your breath. Because since you can breathe, you still have the great opportunities to do more Goods once you're alive.
Be rest assured that, with faith in your heart and a thankful spirit, you will surely overcome all hurdles life grows at you and you will emerge victoriously.  Just ensure you have faith, put your total dependence on God and see him perform the wonderful acts in your life.

  • May this month courage, Strength, Confidence, Patience, Self-love, and inner peace.
  • May every day in December 2018 fill you with hope, love, sunshine, and energy. 
  • May your joy and laughter know no bound in this month
  • May all your Unfulfilled dreams come to pass speedily
  • May the Favour of God Surround you like a shield.
Happy new Month.