New Http Injector, KPN, Eproxy and Spark VPN File for Mpulse Released

By now, lots of people will be wondering about us to drop new files to the blog since yesterday,  though will have promised our viewers earlier that new Mpulse Config files will be drop on the blog every 3 to 4days. But today will are here by to drop our new super fast file for Mpulse.
The new files today are for Http Injector, KPN Spark VPN and Eproxy only and course, both Config file for Mpulse we about to share on this blog are so fucking fast, but if you kinda experience slow network or not connecting after import on any VPN, you will need to restart your phone and try again.

So therefore, without much time to waste, As usual, the config file for Mpulse cheat will be drop accordingly based on your choices, So let quickly move on to drop those Config files below.


  • Http Injector, Spark, KPN, And Eproxy Apk
  • 🔥 Mpulse Data Only
  • Android 4.4/5.0 Or Higher
  • Strong 2G/3G/4G Network
  • Expire date: 12/11/2018

Where To Download Eproxy, KPN, Http and Spark VPN File

1. Download Eproxy Config File For (🆕 Mpulse Plan) 👉HERE

2. Download HTTP Injector Config File For (🆕 Mpulse Plan) 👉HERE

3. Download KPN Rev Config File For ( 🆕 Mpulse Plan) 👉HERE

4. Download SPARK VPN Config File For ( 🆕 Mpulse Plan) 👉HERE