Easiest Way To Resume Failed Download on UC Browser

Everyone loves using UC browser to download the large file because they know the browser is very suitable and fast. but sometimes users may be downloading a big file via the browser and it suddenly stops without resuming until it restarts again which is very painful.
This has also happened to me when downloading a file of 3GB and it suddenly stops at 2.8GB. I tried all possible best to fix this error, but couldn't, after some few hours I finally found the trick and it works perfectly. So, in this tutorial am also going to show you the trick so that it will also be useful to you in the future.

How To Resume Failed Download On UC Browser

  • Step 1. Anytime a download failed or a download link failed to resume, don't panic, just pause the download and minimize the UC Browser application.

  • Step 2. Go to Your Memory card >> UC Browser download folder (UC Browser)
  • There (In The Download Folder), you will see two files: Main downloading file and a temporary download file with the dltemp Then Move both files to a different folder.

  • Step 3. Launch your UC Browser and Resume the download again. The download will start afresh from 0% (Zero %), pause the download progress after 60sec., minimize your UC browser once again.

  • Step 4. Goto your UC download folder (In Memory Card), delete the two recently downloaded files, Just move the files you moved earlier (@ step 4) back to the UCDownloads folder.

  • Step 5. Finally, Go to UC Browser and resume the download, the download amazingly continues from where it stopped (before failing), your download will continue and no data will be lost.