Latest Gbwhatsapp V6.0 Apk Now Available To Download

GbWhatsapp lovers, it's time to update your GBWhatsapp to the latest version to enjoy the new amazing features added to the app. The New Gbwhatsapp V6.0 Apk version shows the name of contacts in the middle of the screen and of course,  it also lets you recover deleted messages and lots more.
Gbwhatsapp V6.0 latest version is now available to download. So if you are using an Old version of Gbwhatsapp kindly scroll down below to download and enjoy the New features added to the V6.0.

What's New in 6.00 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp?

* (exclusive) You can now send collective message groups 
* (exclusively) Now when you scan messages, you can scan only messages or only messages groups or everyone 
* you can now prevent the deletion of messages from your device if one tries to retrieve the message from your device (Options-Privacy-preventing delete messages) 
* activate the filters feature to edit images before sending them 
* activate the sharing feature direct site with friends 
* you can now select multiple messages and restore one time 
* add option 1/2/63 to view long messages without an appearance (Read More ...) 
* You can now create a scheduled message for several people at once (through your sister Multiple namespaces) 
* Add option 1.1.15 to show the name of the contact in the middle of the screen 

* You can now copy the scriptures

You can now specify up to 100 documents instead of 30 documents 
* You can now determine the storage size used for each conversation (settings - data size and user storage - the size of storage used) 
* Fix the map not showing when you send your site 
* Fix the shutter drawer when you pull up 
* Other 

Where To Download Latest Gbwhatsapp V6.0 Apk 

Click Here To Download Latest Gbwhatsapp V6.0 Apk for your device