Glo Introduces New Pocket Friendly Data Plans; N1000 For 4GB, N2000 FOR 9.2GB And More

Globacom Nigeria has introduced a new offer to new customers, The new offer is called new pocket friendly Data plans. The offer enables new Glo customers to get free addition 4GB data plan bundles on autorenewal when they purchase any monthly data bundles at least N1000 during the day. 
Recently, Globacom made it easier for existing subscribers to enjoy additional 1.6gb+1.6gb=3.2gb data bundles on monthly autorenewal of N1000 data plan.  But as for now, Globacom has also made it easier for new Glo customers to enjoy 4GB additional data when they purchase at least N1000 monthly sub or more. 

How it works 

  • 1.6GB @N1000 on autorenewal get 4GB data for 30days
  • 3.75GB @N2000 on autorenewal get 9.2GB data for 30days
  • 5GB @N2500 on autorenewal get 12GB data for 30days
  • 6GB @N3000 on autorenewal get 15GB data for 30days
  • 9.5GB @N4000 autorenewal get 24GB data for 30days
  • 12GB @N5000 autorenewal get 30GB data for 30days
  • 22GB @N8000 autorenewal get 55GB data for 30days
  • 50GB @N10,000 autorenewal get 75GB data for 30days
  • 80GB @N15,000 autorenewal get 120GB data for 30days
  • 100GB @18,000 autorenewal get 150GB data for 30days
  • 120GB @20,000 autorenewal get 180GB data for 30days