9mobile Free Youtube Plan - See How To Enjoy It With AnonyTun VPN

Did you know 9mobile has started again with their free Youtube night plan when subscribers purchase any data plan bundles from N500 and above. Though many subscribers are given the free youtube data, unfortunately, they are unable to make use of it.
If you have The 9mobile free youtube Data and it's not browsing on your device, In this tutorials Today. You will quickly learn some few steps on how to make use of it to browse download and stream till the data exhausted. So Let quickly get started for the procedures.

How To Use 9mobile Youtube Data Plan 

This is only the best way you can easily Enjoy your free 9mobile Youtube Data to works on any other app. To Enjoy this, Kindly follow this steps below.

Step 1. Download AnonyTun VPN Here

Step 2. Launch Anonytun VPN from your Android or Tablet phone and Configure it with this following setting below.

Open, Then Click on 👉 Stealth Settings
✔Next, Turn On 👉 Stealth Settings
✔Change Connection Protocol to HTTP
✔Change Connection port to 8080 or 8081
✔Now, Turn On 👉TCP/HTTP Headers
✔Tap On 👉Edit TCP/HTTP Headers

✔URL/Host: myaccount.google.com
✔Change Request Method From Normal To 👉Post
✔Injection Method: 👉Normal
✔Tick User-Agent and Keep-Alive
✔Now Tap on 👉Generate Icon Below
✔Then Click on Save icon ✌ Twice.
When it's around 1am to 5am in The Midnight, Kindly Launch Anonytun from your VPN and Connect to Enjoy 1GB youtube data every day for 30day making 30GB. if you have any question or you want more explanation kindly drop your comment