How To Enjoy Glo Free Data Day On October 31 2017

As Usual, Glo Nigeria has started launching out their free data day they normally do every month to attract more subscribers to their network. The Glo free data always rewards subscribers with free data if they meet the requirements before the date.
Glo Free Data Day will start on 31st October 2017 of this month and all Glo subscribers are eligible to enjoy this offer but before subscribers can enjoy this amazing offer, Subscribers need to meet some certain requirements below.

How To Be Eligible For Glo Free Data Day

✔ Firstly, To be Eligible for the Glo free data day, You have to start to use N150 Or more on Voice calls Plus 100MB or More data before 0ctober 31st 2017.

✔ Secondly, To enjoy Glo free data day on 0ctober 31st 2017, you also need to use N250 on Voice calls or More.

Once You meet the requirements above. On 31st of October, you will be Credited with Free 200MB Data from Glo confirming your Eligibility for the free Data Day.