See How to Enjoy 9mobile Youtube 60gb With Just N500 Valid For 1Month

Many People haven't heard about the new free 9mobile youtube 60GB youtube daily free bonus in town now, even some people have already heard about this but most of them don't know how they easily subscribe and get this free data.
if you are using Etisalat) 9mobile sim for a very long time and you haven't heard about this bonus then you are missing a lot. in this tutorials today, trust me you will learn how you can get up to 60gb of free data with just N500 valid for 1month which be used in the night from 1am to 5am.

the 9mobile 60gb youtube free data is capped at 2GB every night. which means once you have been giving the data, you can only use up to 2GB per night. So without much time let me quickly show you how it works.

✔ Etisalat) 9mobile Sim Card
✔ Android or Tablet Smartphone
✔ Strong 3G or 4G Network
✔ AnonyTun VPN

NAME: SuccessTechz
APN: 9mobile or Etisalat
APN TYPE: Default, Supl
PROXY: Empty 
PORT: Empty

How It Works

1. First of all, Migrate to 9mobile Morecliq By Dialing *241# or *200*2*2# then press 1 to migrate to More cliq

2. once migrations were successful, now quickly recharge your  9mobile line with just N500 and dial *545*3*1# to activate for 100% data bonus offer.

3. then subscribe to 9mobile monthly data plan for 500 by dialing *200*3*1#and then choose option 3 to purchase 500mb data for 1month

4. once you purchase the 500mb data, you will be able to use 2gb of free Data every midnight for 1 month, for example, 2GB x 30= 60GB. the 500mb you purchase can be used during the day.

5. Pls Note, This 60GB of free data suppose to work for youtube streaming only, but I will show you how you can make use of this data to browse and download. so let's get started.

How To Use 9mobile Free Youtube 60GB to Browse and Download

Step 1. Download AnonyTun VPN Here

Step 2. Launch Anonytun VPN from your Android or Tablet phone and Configure it with this following setting below.

Open, Then Click on 👉 Stealth Settings
✔Next, Turn On 👉 Stealth Settings
✔Change Connection Protocol to HTTP
✔Change Connection port to 8080 or 8081
✔Now, Turn On 👉TCP/HTTP Headers
✔Tap On 👉Edit TCP/HTTP Headers

✔Change Request Method From Normal To 👉Post
✔Injection Method: 👉Normal
✔Tick User-Agent and Keep-Alive
✔Now Tap on 👉Generate Icon Below
✔Then Click on Save icon ✌ Twice.

When it's around 1am to 5am in The Midnight, Kindly Launch anonytun from your VPN and Connect to Enjoy 2GB youtube data every day for 30day making 60GB. if you have any question or you want more explanation kindly drop your comment