Action Game: Download Assault Fury Mission Combat

Assault Fury Mission Combat Game is a new online awesome Android action Game where you need to fight again terrorist and other dangerous opponents. in this game, you need to protect your peaceful citizens from the terroristic threat.
Assult Fury action game come with high-quality graphics and sound and also the game gets many missions, weapons, soldiers and more. in this action game, you need to protect yourself and your citizens from those terrorists and robots to save your country.

Features of Assault Fury - Mission Combat:

• Highly addictive and immersive Game-play
• Variety of Weapons
• Aim and shoot
• Unique and realistic Graphical presentation.
• Experience the perfect touch operation
• Deadly Mission
• Stealth missions
• Boss fights
• Bomb Defusal missions
• Snipe down enemies to protect your comrade

This Game is awesome to control and play on Android or tablet phones and of course, the game doesn't consume much data. but it's online game. so if you would like to enjoy this new 2017 game on your smartphone ✔ Click Here to Download Now.