How To Activate And Enjoy 50% Data Bonus on MTN

MTN is giving out 50% data bonus for all Subscribers starting from now on, when they purchase and subscribe to any data plan till 6th of August 2017. the new MTN 50% data bonus works for both existing subscribers and new subscribers.
Normally MTN Data Plans goes for N1000 for 1.5gb but with the new 50% data bonus that was just launched by MTN will Let Subscribers to Enjoy additional data bonus making 2.25GB of Data for Just N1,000 and also N2,000 3.5GB data will be now 5GB of data valid for 30days.

How Can I Enjoy 50% Data Bonus on My MTN Sim?

Daily Data Plans
50MB for N100 Enjoy 50% Data Bonus 
Text 104 to 131 or Dail *104#

150MB For N200  Enjoy 50% Data Bonus 
Text 113 to 131 Or Dial *113#

Weekly Data Plans
300MB For N150 Enjoy 50% Data Bonus
Text 102 to 131 Or Dial *102#

750 Mb For N500 Enjoy 50% Data Bonus 
Text 103 to 131 Or Dial *103#

Monthly Data Plans
1.5GB For N1,000 Enjoy 50% Data Bonus 
Text 106 to 131 Or Dial *106#

3.5GB For N2,000 Enjoy 50% Data Bonus 
Text 110 to 131 Or Dial *110#

5GB For N3,500 Enjoy 50% Data Bonus 
Text 107 to 131 Or Dial *107#

10GB For N5,000 Enjoy 50% Data Bonus 
Text 116 to 131 Or Dial *116#

22GB For 10,000 Enjoy 50% Data Bonus 
Text 117 to 131 Or Dial *117#

60 Days Data Plans
50GB For N20,000 Enjoy 50% Data Bonus 
Text 118 to 131 Or Dial *118#

Kindly Subscribe to any of The New MTN Data Bonus On your MTN Sim now, you can also Dial *131*1# to view all MTN Data Plans on Your Phone. subscribe and Enjoy the 50% Additional data bonus before it ends on 6th of August 2017.