How To Activate/Enable Developers Mode On Android Device

Many android Smartphones comes with some pre-installed features. there are many ways you can customize and adjust your phone settings for a better experience by enabling developer mode option on your android phone.
How To Activate/Enable Developers Mode On Android Device
A lot of Android Users Doesn't know the benefit and usefulness of enabling Developer options Mode on Their Phone So In this tutorials, am showing you the benefits of enabling developer option Mode on your Android Smartphone.

Why Should I Enable Developer Options on My Android Device?

  • When you activate and enable Developer options mode on your Android Device, you can activate OEM unlocking,  get Processor Stats, Enable USB Debugging to detect your PC, Show touches, and additional useful functions.
  • The most interesting things about the developer options mode is the Background process limit, This gives you access to redistribute some system resources, Which means you can limit the number of applications running in the background for better performances.

How can I Activate/Enable Developer Options On My Android Device?

To activate and enable developer options mode on your android devices you need to follow this simple steps below.

Go to Your Phone Settings
Scroll Down to About Phone
Scroll down Again And Tap on the Build Number till your phone tell you that you are now a developer
Now, Return to the phone Settings You will See The Developer Options in The Menu
Finally, Tap on the Developer Options Then Moves the switch to on to Enable.