Download Find My Device To Track Lost Or Stolen Android Phones Or Tablets

Google has finally re-designed Android device manager and it's now given another brand icon and a new name called Find My Device, not only the name was changed, Google also makes some Changes in the background and added battery and Wi-Fi status to the app.
Download Find My Device To Track Lost Or Stolen Android Phones Or Tablets
What is Find My Device? Find my Device is an app that helps you to locate your lost or stolen Android device or Tablets and it also keeps your information safe and sounds while you look. This app will help you to track your stolen phone on the map while location and Gps are turn on.

Find my Device is one of the best apps on Playstore to Track any Android or Tablet by using the email associated with your Google account. this app can track, erase or locked the android or tablet phone with easy steps.

Where Can I Download Find My Device?
Download Find my Device For your Android or Tablet Click Here

How Can I Use Find My Device?
Step 1. After Downloading Find My Device From Playstore, Now install the app and launch the app from your phone.

Step 2. Next, Login with your Google account. you may get a prompt asking for permission to allow find my device to use location. don't worry click accept to continue.

Step 3. Once your Google Account is logged in, you will see a dashboard that shows where your phone is and several options Like Lock, Erase Device and Play Sounds.

Lock: This Option helps you to lock the stolen or lost Android device with a new password and you can also add your contact for anyone so that they can reach you. once you sent the lock command to your stolen device, the device will lock immediately.

Erase Device: This Option will do a factory reset and it will help you to protect your personal data. if your device is turn off when you send the erase command, once your device turn on everything will be wiped off instantly.

Play Sounds: This option is one of the best options to find lost or stolen phones and Tablets, the option helps you to contact and ring out your phone for 5minute even if the person remove your Simcard. the play sounds option also helps you to figure out your phone if it's hidden somewhere else.