Download BlazeOn App For Etisalat Timely Base Unlimited Data Plan

Etisalat has Finally introduced Time Base Data Plans on Easy Blazeon for unlimited browsing trough the internet. Etisalat Blazeon is the fastest and easiest way for Etisalat customers to connect to the internet by Purchasing time plan using Blazeon.
The new Etisalat Easy Blazeon app lets you purchase time Data plan at a lower amount and it also lets you download unlimited once you purchase the time plan using the blazeon App on Your Android device. without taking much time, let quickly look out the Easy Blaze on Time plan price, and how they work below.

Easy BlazeOn -Time Data Plan
With Easy Blazeon you can Get 10min for Just N50, 15min for N70, 30min for N120 and 1hr for N200 immediately you purchase any of the time plans mention above then your time will start reading and you are ready to browse and download unlimited till the time expires.

How To Activate Blazeon 
To Enjoy and Activate Blazeon On Your Android Device. It's very simple, You need to download the app to your Android phone don't worry the app is free of charge on Etisalat sim only.

to download the app for free Just Text blazeon to 229 as Message then you will receive a link where to download the app Or You Can Also Click Here to Download the Apk Directly to Your Android Phone Once you install the app. open then Insert your Etisalat Number and Enjoy.