How To Stop Your Android Phone From Hanging And Freezing

Nowadays over 70% Of People are Using Android Smartphones but Most of Them are saying their Android Smartphone Keeps hanging/Freezing Most Time, Then What Can Really Be The Exactly Problem of This issue?
A lot of People Thinks it's Because Of Insufficient Ram Causes Android Smartphone To Keep Hanging or Freezing all Time Which is Not Probably True. Then What can Really Cause This Issues? Today post we are going to Explain The Causes and How To Prevents Your Android Smartphone From Being Hanging and Freezing all Time.

What are The Things That Causes Hanging Or Freezing On Android
  • Insufficient Storage On Android
  • Excess Applications
  • Incompatible Installed Apps On Android
  • Too Many Apps On Android Running in Background
  • Presence of malware such as virus, trojan horse or Monkey Test
Beware Of those factors I Just listed above because it's  the Major Causes Of Making your android smartphone To hang and Freeze anytime

How do i Stop My Android Smartphone From Hanging And Freezing

Uninstall Unused Apps:-
The most important things that cause a lot of Android Smartphone To Hang or Freeze all Time is Because of Not Enough/Insufficient Storage or Too many unused Apps are Installed on the Smartphone. To Prevents This Issues You Need To Uninstall Some apps That You're Not using to Free Up Space and Stop Them From Running in Background.

Clear Apps Cache:- 
There are Some apps That Used Alot Of Cache on Android Smartphone Which are Facebook, Twitter, Uc browser, Chrome,  Gb WhatsApp, Parallel Space, and Some Games also. To Prevent This You have to always Clear The app Cache after Used. 

How To Clear an App Cache

  • To Clear App Cache on Android Smartphone, Goto Your Phone Settings Click On apps Listed On Your Phone Settings.
  •  Now Locate The app You Want clear the cache and Tap it Scroll Down You will See Clear data and Clear Cache. Only Clear the Cache but Don't Clear The data because if you do Such Your save Contents will be Lost.
Enable Developer Options
You Have To Build and Enable Developer Option On Your Android Smartphone To Disable and Stops Apps From Running in Background most Times. After Enabling this am Very Sure You will See How Your Phone Performances will be.

How To Enable Developer Options On Android
Many People have Enable Developer Options on their Android Phone But most Of Them Don't Know The Usefulness. Enabling Developer Options On Android Will Really Saved Your Android Phone From being hanging or Freezing all Time, If You haven't Enable Developer Options On Your Android,  Today Am Showing You How To Build and Enable it.

Step 1. 
Go to Your Phone Settings Then Scroll Down and Click On About Phone.

Step 2.
After You Click On About Phone Now Scroll Down again and Then tap on Buid Number 5 times

Step 3.
After tapping on theBuid Number 5 times a pop up Will Show up Below That You are Now a Developer

Step 4.
Congrats, Just Press Back Button then You will see The Developer Options above the About Phone in Your Phone Settings
Step 5.
Now Click onThe ➤Developer Options Then Scroll Down You will See This ➤Background Process Limit Then Tap on it and Choose  ➤No Background Processes After All This You will Notice Changes On Your Phone.

Everytime You Restart Your Android Smartphone. You will Need To Disable Background Processes Limited in Developer Options To Keep Your Phone From Being Hanging and Freezing all Time.