How To Get Konami ID and Link Your Pes 2017 Game Data To Different Devices

Konami has finally announced its new features for Pes 2017 Game Lovers. The New Pes 2017 Features will  Let You Easily Saved and Backup Your Game Data and Players Online even you can also link all your game data to Different Devices without Losing anything.
This Tutorial will really help you in the case of if you or Factory Reset or You Change your phone I know by That Time all Your Pes 2017 game data will be Lost after resetting or Changing Your Phone. But Before doing Such, Make Sure you backup Your Game Data on Konami Website first. How can I backup all my Pes 2017 game data on Konami website?

if You're new to Pes 2017 or You're already Playing The pes 2017 Game on Your Android phone. backup Pes 2017 Game data is very Compulsory in case of if you mistakenly misplaced or Reset your phone. Konami has really made it easy for you to backup your data on their official website.  To backup your Pes 2017 game Data or link it to another Device using your game data This is What You Need To do.

Click Here To Download Pes 2017 From Playstore 

Open the Game From Your Phone Then Click On  ➤Extras Then Click on ➤Support Now Click on  ➤Data Transfer Then Click On  ➤Link Different Devices 

Immediately you Click On Link Different device a new Pop-up will Show Up Directing your Browser to Konami Officials Website. Once it opened now Register new Konami Fill up the Form to Completed Registration. Once Registration is Completed. Don't Close the Browser till The Browser Close itself and returned to the Pes 2017 Game Automatically.
Immediately The Browser returned to the Game, Your data will be Configured and saved on Konami Website and also You will be Rewarded with  ➤250coins to buy any player of your choice. in a case of if you Reset or Change Your Device and you want  all Your Data in Pes 2017 back, Just Open the Pes 2017 and Click on Menu Then Click on Data Transfer Then Tap on Konami id to  Sign in on Konami Website With Your Details. After Sign in Your data will be Successfully Transfered.