How To Easily Remove Any Locked Widget On Blogger

 Are you finding a way on how you can easily remove locked Widget on Your Blogger? Lock Widget always occurs in Blogger Layout Especially When Users Just Apply a New Template on Blogger.
Today Post will show Full Show Steps on How you can easily remove any Stubborn widget From Your Blogger layout. Removing Stubborn widget on Blogger is Very Easy just Follow This Simple Steps Below and Enjoy.

How To Remove Stubborn Widget From Blogger Layout
Anytime you apply a new template to your blogger and you notice there's some locked widget that can't be removed after applying the Template. don't worry I will show you how to remove it today But Before Starting, Make Sure You Backup Your Blogger Template First.

Step 1. 
Now Go to Your Blogger Layout Then click and edit on any Blogger widget you want to remove immediately You click on the Locked Widget You will notice it won't show remove icon below

Step 2. 
Once you Click and Edit Your Blogger Widget at Point you will see Some URL Showing at the top the address bar, just go to the end of URL and you can see the widget ID. For instance, look at this Blogger URL widget code "HTML3" Then Copy it.
Step 3.
Next, Now Goto Your Blogger Theme Then Click On Edit HTML. now Press Ctrl+F On Your Keyboard and a search box will appear Just Insert the Last URL you copy from your blogger Edit Template For Example "HTML3" Then Click Enter Button.
Step 4
After You Click On Enter Button, it will Direct you to all where your locked Blogger widgets are. once you reach there Just Change The Locked widget From True To False and Then Save The Template.

 Step 5. 
After Saving The Template then You can now go back to your Blogger Layout and Edit To Removed The Widgets From Your Blog.