6 Ways On How to stop your Battery from Draining Too Fast

Did you want to know why your Android Smartphone Slow when charging or battery draining very Fast? Short battery life is one the biggest issues of smartphones nowadays. Today Am Explaining 6 ways to fix Slow Charging or battery draining On Your Android  Phone.
Disable Apps Running in Background
When you finish using any App on your Android Phone always Make Sure to Force Close The App In The Settings Menu To stop the app From running in background  Or another way to fix this is to reboot your phone, generally, this will force close the misbehaving apps.

Disable Connection Manually when you're not using them
After using some connection Like WiFi, Hotspot, 3G, 4G always Make Sure You always Off it Immediately because this is one Of the Issues that causes Slow charging and draining Battery Fast On Android Devices.

Adjust Screen Brightness Settings.
Your Android phone battery can easily Drain very Fast If Your Display Brightness is too High. Brightness on Android Drain Battery more Faster than Any other Thing.  To Save Your Phone Battery From Draining always make Sure you Use 10% Display Brightness Level or use Automatic Or Adaptive Brightness.

Change Your Wallpaper
Some Wallpaper On Android uses a lot Of energy and Ram such as live, animated or interactive wallpaper if you are using any of them Kindly delete or uninstall it from your Phone and make sure you use an Optimal one that does not eat a lot of your memory and Battery life.

Uninstall Unused apps
Some very strong and useless Apps might be running in Background automatic that You don't necessarily know about Such Du Battery Saving, Clean Master, and Some useless Battery Saving Apps. Kindly uninstall those useless apps it to improves your Phone Ram and Battery life.  

Enable Power Saving Mode
Some Android Smartphones Come with Ultra and Extreme Power Saving Modes in Settings. These Mode Will Save Your Android Smartphone 30% Battery to last longer and it will Disable and stop all Background apps from Running in Background. To Enable Power Saving Mode Goto Your Phone Settings scroll Then tap on power saving mode to Enable it Then you will Starts See changes on your Android device.