How to Disable Copy, Paste and Right Click On Blogger

Hello, Are you a Blogger? and you are looking For best way on how to protects your blog contents from being copied.This Post is Going to Show You a very Simple and Easiest way on how you can stop Someone From Copy Your Blog Contents.
There are over a million bloggers today who are eager to become successful very quickly in blogging but do not want to put in enough effort in creating contents. They are always sniffing around the web looking for contents on other blogs and websites to copy and paste on their own blogs.

It is very painful and annoying to see Your Full Blog posts on other websites exactly how you composed them without an appropriate acknowledgment. That's why i make a research on how to disable your blog content from being copied by other. To Get Started Just Follow This Steps below.

How Can i Stop people From Copying My Blog Contents?

Step 1.➤ Go-to your Blogger Dashboard ➤Layout

Step 2. ➤ Now Click On ➤Add a Gadget

Step 3.➤ Wait For The Gadget To Open, Now ChooseHTML/JavaScript

Step 4.➤ Immediately You Choose  HTML/JavaScript you will See a Big Box