Glo 0.0k Free Browsing Very Fast and Stable on Jxploit Vpn Pro

few Days ago When Anonytun Vpn Comes out Many people are complaining about the VPN that it's very slow and Not Stable when browsing Using Glo Free Browsing while others Are complaining about too many ads in the Vpn.
Still Yet, Many people Still Love Using Anonytun Vpn while Some Don't. That's Why i decided To Look around For a new Vpn Called Jxploit For people to Enjoy. Jxploit is a New Handler Vpn That Comes with many features.Jxploit is Very Fast and Stable Especially when You're Browsing and downloading From the Internet.the Vpn is Created and Design by Dzeeb.

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Jxploit Handler Vpn Will Let you  Browse For Free On Your Glo Sim, The Vpn Also Let You unblocked Some Stubborn website Easily Within a Seconds.Without Talking Much Time Am Going To Show You How To Browse For Free On Your Glo Sim Using Jxploit VPN. Just Follow This  Steps Below.

Glo 0.0K Settings On Jxploit Vpn 

Step 1. Download And Install Jxploit Vpn To Your Phone By Clicking Here

Step 2. Install And Launch The Jxploit Vpn From Your Phone. Immediately it's Open a new pop-up will show up In The Vpn just choose ➤Tunnel Whole Device

Step 3. To Configure Your Glo Free Browsing Settings Using Jxploit Vpn. Click on Host Proxy 
Latest Free Browsing 2017
Step 4.  Click on EditUrl Host Proxy Then Insert as Your Url Host Proxy
Latest Free Browsing 2017
Step 5.Now Insert This SOCKS Port Put ➤1080 HTTP Port Put ➤8080 DNS-Server Put ➤8844 DNS-Port Put ➤9053  Then Tap Inject To save All The Settings

Step 6. Now Click On Handler Just Goto Proxy Server Now Put and save. That's All Enjoy Glo Free Browsing. Feel Free To Ask Questions, Just Scroll Down To Comment Thanks.