5 WaysTo Fix “Mobile Network Problems in Android Phones

A network failure can occur when your mobile phone antenna is not in good condition, or it might be shaking, or the panels inside the phone are dusty and no longer intact.It can also be caused by pressing wrong buttons on your phone unknowingly which might lead to restriction of Network.
but you don't need to worry because we have a solution to any mobile network failure caused by your phone its self. This Post Will Really Help You.Just Follow This Simple Steps Below To Fix Out The Problem.


1Solutions: Change Network Mode
If You Notice Your SmartPhone Display'/Show No Signal Or Network All What You Need Is This Below➘
➤ Click On Settings On Your Phone
➤ Open Wireless And Network Settings
➤ Then Tap On The Mobile Network
➤ Now Select GSM Only [2G]. Or WCDMA/GSM [3G/2G Auto]

2. Solution: Activate the Data Roaming Option
whenever you are traveling, You need to Turn ON data roaming if you're unable to connect to the Internet due to weak signals Or Network Error. This Is How to Turn ON Data roaming
➤Go to Settings and ➤open Wireless and ➤Network settings
➤Then Tap on Mobile Networks.➤Now, tap the Data Roaming option.

3. Solution: Boost Signal Strenght Of Your Android Phone
If none of the above-discussed methods work for you, just try a third-party app to boost the signal strength of your phone’s network.
A freeware “Network Signal Speed Booster” is available on Google Play and it can do what you cannot imagine.It can strengthen the signals of your phone’s network and you can get rid of the problem “Network Not Available” in no time.
4.Solution: Factory Reset Your Mobile Phone
When no method is working well and you are still facing the same issue, another option you can try is to use “Factory Data Reset.”This Can also Fixed The issue Out. This is How To Reset The Phone Below.

➤Before You Start to Reset The Phone, backup your data First.
➤ Now Goto Settings And tap Backup and Reset option
Then tap on Factory Data Reset. To Reset The Device.
➤ once Your Phone is Successfully Reset. All Settings will be back to Default.

5.Solution: Removed The Phone Cover
➤ Open the panels of your mobile phone.
➤ Check whether the antenna is shaking and if it is shaking then solder it or give it to someone who can help you solder it.
➤ Clean the panels with methylated spirit and dry on a ventilated area for some hours.