10 Things to Do Before Applying For Google Adsense

What many bloggers Nowadays are facing now is how to Get Adsense approval on Thier Blog. Many Trustful Blogger has been trying to Apply For Adsense but Still Yet, Adsense Disapproved their Requests. Why? Because They don't have Insufficient content on Your Blog or You need to Fix Your Blog Navigation icon.
Many Blogger have been tired of applying for Google Adsense. Many Bloggers even think Google Adsense is not easy to get. Though, that's True But Not Common, except if you don't know what you are doing. in Terms Of Ads Networks, Google Adsense Still Remain the best and it's very easy to get approved in next 3days or 2weeks. Only if you can Follow this Simple Steps below. am very sure you will Smile

How to get Adsense account approval for BlogSpot blog:

1. Buy New Custom Domain For Your Blogspot Blog.You can Easily Buy it From Google Domains, Godaddy Or 1and1 at a Very Cheap Price. the domain should be at least 30-45 days before applying for Google Adsense.

2.Get Clean Responsive Template For Your Blog and apply it To make it Look Awesome and Good looking. You can Get it From MsDesignBd Or Theme 24x7 or Any Other Place.

3. Make Sure You have at least 15-20 Well written on your blog posts with High-quality Content.

4. Make Sure You Don't Copy others Post. if you have copied it kindly Finds Out Such post and deleted it from your blog Instantly. 

5. Make Sure You Don't Copy Copyright Pictures From Others and Added it To Your Blog, and Make sure any time You Gets Your own pictures always add Alt text to it.

6. Always Share Your Blog Post To Social Media Like Facebook Twitter, Pinterest Etc. To Get Some Few Traffics Directly To Your Blog

7. Try To add Pages Like About us, Contact usDisclaimer & Policy at The button Your blog. 

8. Make sure Your Blog Slide Bar Looks Very Clean And Professional and awesome.

9. Before You Apply For Google Adsense. Try to Removed any Other Ads on Your Blog. 

10. After all This Steps has Been made. You can Now Apply For Google Adsense & Enjoy