Check Out 4G LTE Data Plan In Nigeria, And See How To Activate it

4G LTE is gradually sending 3G mobile broadband packing. In Nigeria, we’ve seen MTN, Glo, Etisalat and NTel join the beginning of a 4G LTE era. Okay Let’s have a look On how to activate and subscribe to all 4G LTE data plans Network in Nigeria.

1. Airtel Data Plans
Airtel Nigeria Is Working Very Hard For a New 4GLTE Service. Airtel Nigeria Has Promised That The 4GLTE Service Will Be Available Soon As Possible. However There's Still Some Affordable 3g Data Plan On Airtel Just N1,500 For 3Gb Valid For 30days, It Works On All Android device And Pc. Dail *440*16# To Get 3gb @ it Now. .. For More Data Plan On Airtel Dail *141# To Purchase Any Data Plan From Airtel Now.. 
2. Etisalat Data Plan 
Etisalat Network is The Fatest Network, Especially While Downloading And Streaming Heavy Videos Online With 3g Or 4g Network. .although Etisalat Data Subscription Is Very Cost. 

How to activate
All you require to enjoy Etisalat 4G LTE service is only a 4G enabled device. It doesn’t require a Sim change/swap like MTN and Glo. Perhaps, you will have to verify the band your phone is to ensure it complies with their 4G LTE 1800 band. If you’ve met these requirements, you can subscribe to the best plan (see code below), then connect and enjoy fast internet with the 4G regions.

Data Plans
Dial *200# and press 3 to get all data tariffs plans for Etisalat 4G LTE service.

3. Glo 4G LTE Data Plans
Glo was the latest to join the trend, they currently have the best and cheapest data plans in Nigeria, with the new 4G services introduced, it’s no different, they maintained the same data plans they had on the 3G broadband leaving them as the cheapest 4G LTE data plans in Nigeria.

How to activate
Send 4G to 400 to check if your device is 4G enabled and to get your sim 4G ready, you have to visit any Glo service center, and exchange your old 3G sum for the new 4G LTE Sim cards.

Data Plans
Check All the data plans available on Glo 4G service in Nigeria, choose from the best Below...

  • 30MB for N50 (1 Day)
  • 60MB for N100 (1 Day)
  • 200MB for N200 (5 Days)
  • 1.6GB for N500 (7 Days)
  • 3.2GB for N1000 (30 Days)
  • 7.5GB for N2000 (30 Days)
  • 10GB for N2500 (30 Days)
  • 12GB for N3000 (30 Days)
  • 18GB for N4000 (30 Days)
  • 24GB for N5000 (30 Days)
  • 48GB for N8000 (30 Days)
  • 60GB for N15000 (30 Days)
  • 90GB for N18000 (30 Days)
4. MTN 4G LTE Data Plans
MTN is the leading mobile telecommunication in Nigeria, and was second to kickoff the 4G LTE service after NTel. Fully activate last month, now, let’s have a look at how to activate and subscribe for MTN 4G data plans.

4.How to activate MTN 4g Data Plan 
MTN Nigeria Is Giving Some Users Free 4gb Free Data.But Your Simcard Must Be a Valid 4g SIM Before The Free Data Works On Your Android Device. to Get The Free 4Gb data Dial *559*444#  To verify if your sim and device is 4G ready, simply type and send 4G to 131 via SMS. If you get a reply like this…

“Yello! You need to upgrade your SIM card and device to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. ”

…Visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer to upgrade your old 3G sim card to a 4G LTE Sim.
5. NTel 4G LTE Data Plans
NTel started 4G LTE service in Nigeria, first among all mobile network providers, they have their network available in Lagos, Abuja and PH. Data plans on NTel are unlimited but very expensive. They Have Unlimited Data Plan @N1000 For 4days And N1.500 For 7days While N6000 Unlimited Plan Is For 30days. the Data Plan Works On Android Device And Blackberry,Iphone,Tablet and Pc