Blazing Proxy Server For Glo Unlimited Free Browsing

Hello Everyone. i noticed Many People Are Complaining About Glo Unlimited Free Browsing. because Their Network is Very Low In Some Location And Area. 
The Only Best way you Can Enjoy Glo Unlimited Free Browsing is To Use It On Ucmini handler or Tweakware Prenium.. 

today Let me Quickly Show You a Simple way on how to browse download unlimited without airtime on your glo simcard. 

This method am Going to teach you is free. it means you don't need any single airtime or subscription before it works. Let's Get Started. 

How Can I browse And Download Unlimited With Glo Simcard? 

Step 1.. Download Ucmini Handler For Your Android or Smartphone Device. Click here

Step 2.. Install The Ucmini.  Then Open the Ucmini app. Then configure it like this

Step 3.. Scroll down you will see all this Settings below.
Tick removed port 

✔  Proxy Type: Real Host Or Dual Realhost

 Proxy Server:

Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP

Real proxy Server: Redirect glo. Com@

Real Proxy Port: 80

Just save the settings.. And Started browsing for free. But if you want to use this Ucmini To Download Unlimited you will need to open this website 

once you open the website,  just scroll down you will see Enter url Just paste the download or website Link inside the box and click on Go

If you want to learn more about how to use Ucmini handler to browse and download Click here