8 Amazing Google Tricks to Increase Effectiveness of your Search

Google is the most popular search engine and most of the people use it daily for a variety of purposes. People simply enter what they’re looking for and sift through the results to find the desired information. A lot of them are unaware of how really powerful the Google search engine is and that there are a myriad of tricks and tips that will help them get better and faster results and save their time and efforts. I have compiled Top 8 amazing Google tricks to increase effectiveness of your search. Here’s the list:

1.              I’m feeling lucky: This feature gives you access to a page which has most relevant results for your search. This ensures that you find great resources without mostly having the need to look further.

2.              Find public data: Google stores public data like data about population or employment rate. Enter what you need to find along with the name of your country and Google will display accurate results.

3.              See your web history:Google’s Web History keeps record of the websites you’ve visited. These are listed according to date and time.

4.              Search within a site: Narrow down your results within a site by searching for (search query) site: (domain).

5.              Search for exact phrases: Put quotation marks around words to find an exact phrase in the exact order.

6.              Shorten your search phrases: You don’t need to type a whole lot to find what you’re looking for. Simple, one or two word search terms will give you the broadest results.

7.              Get instant weather forecasts:Type ‘weather’ plus the city or zip code, and Google will show you the entire weather forecast.

8.              Be descriptive: Enter relevant keywords which have closer meaning to what you’re looking for.