How To Free Up Your Android Device Space In 3ways

Many People Have some Issues With Their Phone Storage.. Because Most Of Android Smartphone Has A low Storage Now Adays..And Many Of Android Users Have Been Tired Of This Such Things That Happen To Them.. 
Infact There Are Some Phone That Doesn't Allow Users To Saves Apps to SD Card Except Phone Storage. Don't Worry I Can Assist You A little On How To Free Up Your Android Smartphone Device Space. Just Follow This Steps And Read it Carefully 

Remove bloatware
Bloatware is unwanted software that is included in a computer or mobile device by the phone manufacturer. These pre-installed apps can be very annoying because you cannot remove them except you root your phone.
Root your phone
Rooting your phone should be the last option if you want to gain more space because it has its advantages and disadvantages. Rooting your phone will remove unwanted apps and give you automatic access to Android updates. Thus, providing much-needed space.
Always Clear cache
When you browse the internet, it leaves unwanted waste called cache on your phone. The more you browse, the more the waste accumulate. So, it is important to always clear your cache. You can gain space depending on when you clear the cache.