How To Download Unlimited On Glo With Ucmini Handler

Hello Guys, I hope many of you are enjoying the Glo unlimited free browsing cheat on Anonytun VPN and Success VPN. However we know Glo network is not too strong as expected but today you will learn a new way to download anything files fo free.
Today Am going to show you Guy's how to browse And download Unlimited with your Glo Simcard without using Any VPN. This free browsing I wants to show Is not new but some people didn't Know how To browse And download with this Uc Mini handler. Don't worry today You will surely understand everything. Let's Get Started.

How Can
 I Use Glo to Browse For Free Using On Ucmini Handler?
To browse and download Unlimited with your Glo sim by using Ucmini handler is very simple. All you need is this. Just follow this simple Steps below.
Step 1.Go-To your APN Settings configure It with these following Settings Below. Pls Note ➖Make sure you didn't have airtime/data On your Glo Simcard. if yes continue with this APN Settings Below
Access Point: GloScure 
APN TYPE: Default,Supl
✔ Leave others empty. and save it

Step 2. Make sure you have ucmini handler Installed On your phone. If you don't have It Yet, you can Click Here to download the Ucmini Handler 

Step 3.Once you have Installed the Ucmini Handler. Kindly Open the app and use this configuration Settings Below

✔ Tick Removed Port 
✔ Proxy Type: Choose Real Host
✔ Proxy Server:
✔ Real Proxy Type: Default
✔ Real Proxy port: 8080
✔ Turn On Your Data And save 
Step 4. Once you have save the settings. congrats you can now browse for free on your Glo Sim using ucmini Handler. but If you want to download anything with this ucmini handler you have to use proxy server to be able To download Unlimited. check how to use proxy server to download below 👇 

How Can I Use Glo To Download Unlimited With UcMini Handler?
You can use ucmini handler to download anything like Apps videos music Games Pictures and lots more. By using proxy server 

✔ For example Incase Of If you want to download videos, games, Music or apps From any website. All you need Is this. 
✔ Open your ucmini handler, Then Go-To

✔ Once the website is opened, now scroll down and enter the Url Of any website you wish to download either Movies, Music, apps, games, then you're free to go.

 Important NoticeIncase you want to download any videos from a website and you saw something like this Browse.php
Don"t worry you just change the Browse.php and rename It to Your Movies Name.Mp4. Just change The Php To Mp4. If it's 3gp or avi Change it To .3gp or Avi
Thanks to all our readers. please stay tuned for more updates coming soon. And of course, Incase of if you have any questions Please let us know or scroll down to comment. Thank you.