Snapchat Versus Instagram: Which App Will Rule Once and for All?

There's a battle brewing in social media. Instagram has truly shaded Snapchat. This is all because of a little update called Instagram Stories. For years now, Snapchat has laid claim to the feature, allowing users to take short videos of themselves and share with their friends whenever they feel like it. Then, out of nowhere, Instagram decided they wanted to do the exact same thing. Them's fightin' words, no doubt.
For the last week now, Insta-users have been able to share stories at their leisure, even adding their own text and Emojis. Snapchat still has the upper hand in the puppy filter category, but it's (probably) only a matter of time. Naturally, this has sparked a debate all across the country. Will this signal the end of Snapchat? Will users rebel against Instagram and their seemingly copycat ways? We're here to end that debate once and for all.

Instagram Totally Just Copied Snapchat With Their New Update

Ease of Use: The first factor that goes into deciding which app is going to rule them all is deciding which app the public is actually going to use. And as quickly as Snapchat is spreading and taking over the zeitgeist, at this point in time Instagram is still far more widespread. Most people have way more followers on Instagram than they do Snapchat, so it's only natural that opening up the 'gram is second nature. The win goes to Instagram for this round, but buyer beware: Snapchat has a momentum that shouldn't be ignored. Check back with us on this one in a few months.

Celebrity Squads: Social media is a famous person's media. And as such, there are certain A-listers who are heavily Team Snap and others who are heavily Team 'Gram. The Kardashian/Jenners are practically Snapchat ambassadors in their own right, and the app can also boast Chrissy Teigen and none other than Michelle Obama as fans. Since Instagram stories went live last week, stars like Taylor Swift and John Legend have jumped on board. Regardless, we've got to give this one to Snapchat—you can't argue with FLOTUS.

Christina Mack/E! Illustration
The Tech Factor: Millennials have standards. Very high standards. If you're going to woo them with a social media app, you're going to have to offer up some pretty snazzy features and additions. This category was a very close call—Snapchat lets you add your location, the time, the temperature, and any number of bizarro stickers. But Instagram's font is just way too cool. Their stories look all kinds of fancy, and that's just what the Mills want.

Most Flattering for Selfies: Forget what we said about technology; the actual best way to reel in the Mills is through the art of selfie. And in the lightning-quick turnaround time of stories, where you hardly have time to Photoshop yourself, the clear winner is Snapchat's instant airbrushing filter. It's basically your phone's way of showing you what you would look like with a professional makeup artist.

Drunk Danger Factor: You're at the club, you're turning up, and you decide you want to share a video of your flaming vodka bottle. Open Snapchat, and you can very carefully select only your least judgmental friends to view it. Open Instagram, and your story is broadcast to all your followers (and possibly the world), with nary a keep-the-boss-away option. Whoops.

Least Annoying Ads: We're handing this win over to Instagram, but with a bit of trepidation. Stories have only been out a week, so it's only a matter of time before those pop-up interstitials start dominating our digital airwaves.

Non-Millennial Friendly: Other generations need love too, guys. And, fun as it may be, Snapchat is, like, 99% tailored to the under-25 set. Just ask the next high schooler you happen upon. Instagram is a safe space for those of us who no longer attend school, and there's no getting around that.

The Winner: Instagram goes home victorious today, but don't rule out Snapchat just yet. If they're half as savvy as we think they are, they're readying themselves for a rebuttal. Justice will be swift, friends.