Ronaldo Must Reinvent” Says Rob Palmer


Ronaldo Must Reinvent”  Says Rob Palmer

Cristiano Ronaldo must reinvent himself if he wants to prolong his Real Madrid career, according to Sky Sports commentator Rob Palmer.

“Ronaldo turns 32 in February and he is now at the veteran stage of his career, but the problem is he has not quite accepted that now,” he told this week’s La Liga Weekly podcast.

“He still thinks he is a young man and he parades himself round the field and that does not help him.

“When he gets to the point where he accepts that he is no longer the great Cristiano Ronaldo when he was 27, 28 and scoring 55 goals a season and has to slightly reinvent himself, like Lionel Messi is having to do at the moment, then he will maybe become more acceptable to the general public.

“You would have to say though that as a manager, he would be your problem in the changing room because you would still want to get the best out of him, massage his ego and you would want Cristiano Ronaldo in your team.

“But I thought it was great management by Zinedine Zidane the other week to bring him off as he was not being effective in that game.