Hurry!!! IGet Free 30gb Data From Airtel Is Working Back If You can Tweak

Get Free 30gb Data From Airtel The Stuff Is still Working Well
So Hurry And Try Yours Now

Airtel is at it again in dashing out free GB. Over the weekend,many of us get free 5GB from Airtel through tweaking and something similar is happening again. This time, a new imei is out that will let you tweak and get free 30GB.Guys, this Airtel free 30GB required tweaking of imei and this kind of imei is not for lazying tweakers, so if you know that you are not good in tweaking then I will like you to back off. Now that you already knows what is ahead of you then lets sharply looks at the how to get the 30GB.
How To Get Free 30GB Data From Airtel

First of all, you need to tweak this imei “86086103483” Note that you will add last 4 digits to complete it as 15digits.

Then you will send Join to 141

If the imei you tweaked haven’t been use my other users then you will receive your 30GB.

Note: This particular is not for lazy tweakers cause it may needs you to tweak over and over again before you received your 30GB.
Screen shots of some the 30GB received recently