How to Start BlogSpot Blog for free with Blogger

Blogger is a free service provided by Google to help those who wish to open a blog and write about their hobbies, Blogger offer for your a BlogSpot Blog with free host service. This service has become the preferred choice for any novice bloggers, for its simplicity and reliability.

In this blogger tutorial article, i will explain how to create a blog for free and easily with Blogger.

How To Create a Blogger account
To create a blogger account, you need first to go to Blogger Official Site. It will ask you to Sign in with your Google account, to continue to Blogger.

If you don’t have a Google account or Gmail email address, simply click on create account. You will redirect to registration page. Fill in the required fields to finish your registration.

After you create a Google account, you will get a new mailbox, which allow you to Access Blogger to create your blog.

How to Create BlogSpot Blog With Blogger Plateform
Now, after you got your Google account. Go to Blogger and Sing In with your Google account.
To create your blog, you need to click on New Blog. You will find it on the left top of the page, under your profile picture account.
After you click on New Blog. First thing you need to do, is to write a title for your blog. The title will show up in the head on your blog. don’t be worry you can change your Blog title at any moment.

Below,  You need to enter domain name address for your blog example: ” “. It will be  the URL of your blog, or the internet address of your blog. The Blogspot it’s subdomain, if you want to have .com extension you need to pay for it.

When the domain name is available to use, a blue square appears with the following message : “This blog address is available”. If the domain name is already taken, a yellow square will appears just below the fields, to indicate that you must find another domain name. A domain name must be unique address, you can’t have a duplicate domain name.

Last thing you need to do is to select a template of your choice for your BlogSpot Blog. You can change the template as many times you want. So, don’t be confused when you select  a template, if you don’t like a template then you can just change it. After you complete the required fields, click on create Blog.

Now, you have successfully learned how to create Blogger BlogSpot Blog. To add content to your blog you need to click on new post, that’s it. I hope you find this Blogger tutorial easy to follow to start your BlogSpot Blog, if you have any questions leave a comment.