Very Bad!! Man Walks To His Girlfriend’s Workplace And Shoots Her 5 Times, You Won’t Believe Why He Did This


Horror! Man Walks To His Girlfriend’s Workplace And Shoots Her 5 Times, You Won’t Believe Why He Did This

A man who really got enraged with his girlfriend over something wrong she did, has ended up doing an unbelievably wicked thing to her.

A 31-year-old has recently shocked people with his dastardly act.

The man is said to have attacked his girlfriend and shot her 5 times.

According to Daily Sun SA, the man had allegedly found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him and in a fit of rage, walked to her workplace where she is a security guard.

When he got there, he allegedly confronted the 29-year-old woman, then pulled out a gun and shot her five times.

However, she miraculously survived and is currently fighting for her life in hospital.

Daily Sun SA reports that the shocking incident happened in the KwaDukuza CBD in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The suspect apparently handed himself over to cops after the incident.

KZN cops spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala confirmed the incident.

“KwaDukuza police arrested the suspect after he handed himself over at the police station. He also handed in the handgun he allegedly used.

“The suspect allegedly shot the victim at her place of work at Ultimate Security in the central business district of KwaDukuza on Tuesday at about 6.30am.”

Gwala added: “The suspect who is the victim’s boyfriend alleges that the victim was having an affair. He claimed she also took his money. The victim sustained five gunshot wounds to the forehead, neck, shoulder, right finger and left wrist.”

Gwala said an attempted murder case was opened at KwaDukuza cop shop for further investigation while the suspect remained in custody.

“The recovered firearm will be sent for ballistic tests to establish if it was used in the commission of the offence. The arrested suspect will appear in the KwaDukuza Magistrates Court soon.”