MTN 100% Data Bonus Imeis Regenerated - Activate Yours Now!

MTN 100% Data Bonus Imeis Regenerated - Activate Yours Now! I have regenerated new IMEIs that can be used to activate the offer because I discovered that the formal IMEIs is no longer working because many people has used it all.
I noticed not everyone knows how to analyze imei so I have successfully analyzed this for those sureloadedites who need to activate their mtn 100% bonus offer. Mtn 100% double data bonus regenerated IMEIs  So these new ones are born again IMEIs that can activate the offer with one tweak.

1. 356602075753155
2. 356602075753163
3. 356602075753213
4. 356602075753247
5. 356602075757248
6. 356602075757206
7. 356602075757230
8. 356602075757222
9. 356602075757206
10. 356602075757214

Just tweak one and then wait for youractivation message, then migrate to mtn pulse by dialling*406#andimmediately you can then buy a data plan and it will get double

Mtn 100% Data Bonus and activation
codes Mtn data bonus can be purchased bydialling*131*1#and see how it will be doubled below;

Daily plans

1. 30MB for N100 - Will be doubled to

2. 100MB for N200 - Will be doubled to

Weekly plan

1. 750MB for N500 - Will be doubled to

Monthly plans

2. 1.5GB for N1000 - Will be doubled
to 3GB

3. 3.5GB for N2000 - Will be doubled
to 7GB

And many more...

Note:Mtn double data is like a Normal data which works on all applications  Including Desktop/PC. You can always check your data by dialling*131*4#or*559*17#.