Freedom Vpn And Mtn Bundle4u Blocked! See Alternative Browsing Solutions

Freedom vpn free browsing vpn came out which was extremely slow and even unable to be used on any browser but sometimes was boosted with 1hour free trial which make it a little bit more faster using Glo NG but now, it has been blocked or terminated.

 Then Mtn Bundle4U 20GB and 25,000naira came out which got worse to the extent that it was unable to call or browse andnow totally wiped out by Mtn. Well, we all know that as a star , this cannot be the end of browsing for us that's why I decided to suggest to you guys in a new way to resurrect those forgotten or old browsing methods before we hit another one again.

In this tutorial, I will confirm and list out the available free browsing or browsing that are at a cheaper rate to afford. Well, they may be old as you can call it but still 100% working, verified, confirmed, stamped and blazing perfectly because it only depend on your choice.

Alternative browsing solution that are still available and working perfectly

Etisalat 0.0KB: This free browsing is always 60-100MB per day limit which is very stable like normal data and it has been in existence since two months ago which is still working till date. With this, you will be able to surf the internet and download little files with it because the data is not much. This can sustain the JKINs to browse till another new branded cheat is out. Kindly click here to see how to configure it on ur psiphon New Cracked Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing.!!.zid...

Glo 0.0KB: Glo unlimited free browsing has never go down and has last up to 3months now but still in existence and working but slows down when the network becomes low and poor. Well, this free browsing is able to surf the internet and can download which is 100% working.. Kindly click here to know how to configure it on psiphon Glo 0.0k Cheat On Any Vpn Is Here
Mtn Double Data: This is an amazing offer from Mtn which when you purchase a data, it will be doubled immediately (X2) of the data you purchased E.g Agbontan purchased 1.5GB for 1,000naira, it will be doubled to 3GB (1.5GB + 1.5GB). I hope you see how that is very great? Well, many people runs away from it because of the imei tweaking and some receives the offer as luck. If you wish to activate this offer and enjoy double data of any data you purchased from mtn,

Etisalat Social Pak: Many of us will know about the Etisalat social pak that was formally unlimited but now capped which means it now have a data limit. This can also be an alternative because it works on all applications through the help of psiphon vpn or normally work on Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp and Skype. So the data plans goes like this below;

150MB for a day (24hours) - N50 by dialling *343*5*5#
300MB for a week (7days) - N150 by dialling *343*5*6#
700MB for a Month (30days) - N500 by dialling *343*6*11#

After exhaustion, you have to opt out by dialling *343*5*0# before subscribing for another data..

500MB for 1GB packages: Many of us knows about this subscription of 500MB for 1GB but because it last for 7days that's why some people run away from it. Hmmm this data is very good, it can save you through out the week to surf and browse the internet smoothly.

For airtel;

You can get 1GB for 500MB data by migrating first to Airtel smartTrybe by dialling *312*1# and after that, you can now activate the 500naira for 1GB by dialling *312*2*1#. Valids for 7days.

;You have to migrate to mtn pulse first by dialling *406# and after that, then you can now buy the data by dialling *406# and select your plan. Well it Valids for 7days.

For Etisalat;

Kindly activate the 500naira for 1GB by dialling *5995*2# and it Valids for 7days.

For glo;

Dial *777# Select “data booster” under buy data, you can get an additional 300MB for N200 or 1GB for just N500.

Note: All these can be used on all devices.
JAVA PHONE USERs For Java phones, airtel has a special bundle for them, which works perfectly for Java phones or Android (but slow here) or