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KingRoot Team is a group of developers and fans of Google Android and work on improving user experience and security of Android smart phones. We are white hats and always do ethical hacking to help users to protect their smart phones.It is in this respect that we create KingRoot.

Thanks to our beloved users, KingRoot has become a well-known and popular utility wordwide.Recently, we receive the feedback from some users that they could not install KingRoot. It seems that the installation was blocked by the APP Verifier feature on Android. It will impact our plan to implement hot patching mechanism to help users better protect their phones from being hacked.

If you see this warning during installation,please don't be worried. As long as you download KingRoot from our official website, the KingRoot app is 100% safe. You can follow the below guides to continue install KingRoot.

1. Show details
2. Tap "Install anyway"
3. Wait for the installation
And you could turn off the network connection during the installation to avoid the warning showing up

If you still have problems during installations, please join our communities or visit our Facebook page to leave a comment.

Thank you for your constant support of KingRoot.
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